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Anastasia Anait,
The King, Michael Jackson 3D

Description of the Piece
The King Another reverence of mine. Towards Immortal King of Pop, love of my teenage, nectar for my ears to hear and deep pleasure for my eyes to watch. How fast time pass. Here you are a girls, watching pics from international magazines with a friend, somewhere on the bench. In someone's yard. And here - ta-dam! And you are a WOMAN already( No time to sit, no time to enjoy) Endless race. "Working jobs we hate to buy things we don't need' And one by one Idols of your childhood are switching to another dimensions, leaving you with ashes. The grass was greener, what to say) ......... The King is an asymmetrical diptych, acrylic with 3D modeling paste design My name is Anastasia, and I call myself Anait.And I bet, nobody really cares about my biography or life story facts)But I'm gonna still tell you a bit.1. I solemnly swear that I don't have any art diplomas, neither any knowledge, but just numerous skills and noble passion to Create.2. Don't ask me anything. You won't get any replies. And not cause I'm rude) But cause you're the one to reply. My art has still no name. You are The One. To name it.To blame it.To understand it.Or to refuse it.To agree or to dispute. But the very first thing you are The One to decide - to slow down and give it a chance, or to pass by.( Like a freshly made coffee aroma, brought by a tiny morning whispering breeze.Or like a very busy person, who desperately wants to owe some art, but has actually no time for it.)Before -nothing else matters ;)So. No offense for my quietness. I speak really loud. And my Art is a language. If you are not ready to listen - don't call me rude for that.3. I don't make replicates, duplicates or copies. Each piece is the only one. I may create something by order.If your idea will really touch me) God may bless you, holly souls! P.S. My art works are usually not that simple to adjust on the wall - once you owe it - you gonna call me directly via any messenger or app for an instant online consultation and the most beneficial and productive cooperation. Mutually pleasant, i hope ;) Anait Bestest regards ever;) …… Insta page
Genre: History
Style: Figurative
Offer: PDF
Material: acryl
Base: canvas
Posted: 22 september 2020
The King, Michael Jackson 3D
Materials: canvas, acryl
Dimensions: 110H x 80W (cm)
Year of Creation: 2020
Reg. № 0869044
Original work, available in 1 copy
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The King, Michael Jackson 3D
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