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Kloska Ovidiu,
The Tree Singularity Mindscape

Description of the Piece
Title: The Tree – Singularity Series: BEYOND THE INSIDE Tehnique: acrylic on canvas Painting size: 80 x 60 cm / 32 x 24 inch Year: signed 5 of March 2020 MAKE AN OFFER ” I’ ve been always fascinated by trees. My biggest admiration for the old and very large ones and especially the ones that are outside the forest and exist in a solitary massive apparition. For me this massive structure of energy is like a massive trace of the Creator intention to fascinate and to inspire us. Staying in the shadow of this tree my mind is changing me from an ordinary guy to a storyteller but my stories have no sound … is just like a mute and speckles movies. Is like I am trying to tell stories about longevity, about beautiful people that were close to me in a period of my time. I think the tree is a kind of form of singularity even you can say to me that they look the same. I must disagree with you. Maybe they look the same but each one has a complete different energy patern ..They are more unique than us. Here in my place close to the town I can see the hills far away and i can distinguish the shapes of the lonely big ones that are like Shepard to the others . I feel so small staying close to them and my God so ephemeral I have different blood and different intentions. I read some time ago that after your death you can ask for your body to be burn and the ash can be putt it on a large vessel with a tree seed inside so even after your death your can help this planet to be saved. I really embrace this idea. I finish my studies in Iasi, a beautiful academic center, witch has the most beautiful and large Botanical Garden form the country ,. There i went for so many times to draw and to embrace the trees. I did it without other people seeing me because i felt that this gesture must be discrete and private. Without this sacred entities we will perish from this planet. In that times i have embrace them constantly, close to the down of the sun , when people leaved the park and i was alone with them, and with that worm light of the leaving sun. Remembering that time I recharge myself in a way that I cannot explain. I am so grateful that the nature gave me this sensibility to generate at least a small part of this in my paintings. ” October 2018
Material: acryl
Base: canvas
Posted: 3 may 2020
The tree Singularity mindscape
Materials: canvas, acryl
Dimensions: 60H x 80W (cm)
Year of Creation: 2020
Reg. № 0643934
Original work, available in 1 copy
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The tree Singularity mindscape
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