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Thomas Dellert,
STALINGRAD Frozen Memory

Description of the Piece
STALINGRAD Frozen memory 1942-43 This artwork contains original WW2 Stalingrad memorabilia. A German helmet, german hand grenade, a wehrmacht pair of skies, barbed wire, a Eastern Front wounded medal, four original photographs framed, and a framed first page newspaper with the Stalingrad news. All on a base of a snow painting and original Signal Magazine photos. this is a museum artwork made by artist and historian Thomas Dellert in 2012 to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the fall of Berlin and the victory of the Russian Red Army over Naqzi Germany. The tide in the second world war turned around and against Germany who had invaded Russia in its Barbarossa campaign. The battle of Stalingrad cost the German 8th army 400.000 young men and the defending Russian Red Army 1.1000 young soldiers and 40.000 civilian lives. Out of the nearly 91,000 German prisoners captured in Stalingrad, only about 5,000 returned
Material: mixed method
Base: wood
Posted: 26 september 2019
STALINGRAD frozen memory
Materials: wood, mixed method
Dimensions: 200H x 200W (cm)
Year of Creation: 2014
Reg. № 0359829
Original work, available in 1 copy
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STALINGRAD frozen memory
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