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Mariia Drozdova,

Description of the Piece
Title: "Labyrinth" Size: 100cm x 100cm Year of creation: 2020 Technics: painting Materials: canvas, acrylic, potal, shellac, glassy varnish, matt varnish on acrylic. Decoration: wooden subframe, mounting hooks, sides painted red. The colors in the photo may not differ significantly from the original, depending on the computer screen. Used quotes from the engraving of Albrecht Durer "Walk" Concept: Dürer's contemporaries perceived the image of death (skeletons, the dead) as a "dead self" - a double of a living person. For Dürer's contemporaries, death was not something distant. They constantly felt the invisible presence of death. In Dürer's work "The Walk" this presence not just perceptible, it is natural and inevitable. Modern man drives away thoughts of death and strives to live as long as possible. He wants to be an embryo, that is, to be the beginning, who doesn't know what the end is. Above - "Dead Self", from the chest there is a guide, which is refracted in an hourglass and strives into a "pixel" baby. Golden guides, in a place with endless circles - form a watch dial. Time is constant, it is ruthless even for a baby. "Pixel" baby - a new time, a new perception, a new person .. The painting was created for the exhibition, the concept of which is a rethinking of Albrecht Durer's engraving "Walk". A more detailed concept can be found in the gallery The painting took part in the exhibition - "Albrecht Durer Paraphrases" dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of the twinning of Kharkov and Nuremberg and the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the educational and cultural organization "House of Nuremberg". Curated by Ales Tomakh. Supported by the Goethe-Institut. Kharkov Art Museum. Kharkov, Ukraine.
Material: acryl
Base: canvas
Posted: 12 october 2020
Materials: canvas, acryl
Dimensions: 100H x 100W (cm)
Year of Creation: 2020
Reg. № 0902770
Original work, available in 1 copy
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