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Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is a very conventional notion. However, it has a commonly recognized chronological framework, from the 1960s. until now. How is it different from the previous development stages of contemporary art?

The words of Dr. Faust can serve as the motto of classical art, Instant, you are great, stay, wait!. But since ancient times, artists have invented a more powerful thing than Goethe’s Faust, i.e. to supplement the images from life by images from imagination. When famous artists started their modernist search, abstraction and other non-figurative art, their contemporary art paintings started to increasingly provoke a puzzled question, What is the artist’s idea behind the artwork?

Since then, contemporary art has been creating rather than reflecting reality. So the art of modern appeared. But it didn’t seem modern enough, and by the second half of the twentieth century modernism had also become outdated. A new trend appeared whose name contemporary art is transliterated more often than translated.

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Names of famous artists of Contemporary Art

Damien Hirst, enfant terrible of the British contemporary art, started in 1990s as a member of the Association of Young British Artists. In art galleries he exhibited his necrophilous artworks like dismembered animal carcasses in tanks with formaldehyde. One of his most famous artworks called For the Love of God is a skull adorned with diamonds. Nevertheless, selling contemporary artworks brings millions to the artist.

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist born in 1929. She creates beautiful artworks, vivid paintings, impressive installations, unusual sculptures. And the fact that she lives in a mental hospital, does not prevent collectors from buying her contemporary art for millions of dollars.

Gerhard Richter is a German artist who works in the genre of contemporary painting. He is the author of seemingly weeping abstract paintings and paintings inspired by black-and-white photography. Richter is one of the most famous artists in Germany, successfully creating contemporary art for sale.

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Contemporary Art Era

Contemporary painting has dozens of directions, it is many-faced and many-sided. Many artists actively use modern technologies and the Internet, while their colleagues prefer to work in an old-fashioned way creating oil paintings. However, they both strive to be interesting and original contemporary artists as well as render the spirit of the time in their artworks.

You can buy contemporary art online on the Jose Art Gallery website.

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