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The name of this painting genre is concordant with the female Russian name Marina. The Italian word marina, which derived from the Latin marinus, stands for marine. This type of landscape has always been popular with art admirers who prefer paintings with a marine theme.

Little wonder that it was in the maritime Holland in the early XVII century that seascape painting became a separate type of landscape painting.

The sea has always inspired artists. Perhaps, you can hardly find an artist who, having visited the coast of the sea or the ocean, did not create a seascape painting. Among them are those who have chosen seascapes and ships to be the main theme of their artworks. Such artists are called seascape painters. In the Internet era, art lovers still appreciate paintings by masters of this genre and want to buy them online.

Seascape painting goes back to high antiquity. The earliest artworks of this genre were created 12 thousand years BC. Images of reed boats on the rocks of the Gobustan Sate Reserve in Azerbaijan date back to this time. Since then, ships rushing on the waves have become one of the favorite themes of the seascape painters.

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Claude Joseph Vernet is one of the most famous landscape painters of the XVIII century. He became famous due to his artworks with sea storms. His original oil paintings were bought by royal families of Europe.

Ivan Aivazovsky, the most outstanding seascape painter, who masterfully painted seascapes, battle scenes, ships and views of the coast, during his whole life created about 6,000 seascape paintings.

Nicholas Alvaro-i-Brieva, the author of island and sea landscapes, comes from the Canary Islands.

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Peculiarities of the national seascape painting

Many connoisseurs of seascape painting prefer to buy oil art paintings, but there are other types of artworks of this genre available (engravings, frescoes, ceramic tiles).

Creating paintings depicting seas and ships can be not only a vocation, but also an official duty. Since 1830, the French naval forces have had an officer rank of a fleet artist (Peintre Officiel de la Marine, POM). These artists in uniform for the sake of inspiration can, out of preference, take part in naval campaigns on warships in any part of the world.

There are about twenty artists in the service of the French Republic. Looks like they do not have to worry about selling their paintings, as it is guaranteed by the government contract.

And for other artists there is a special place for selling art paintings online, Jose Art Gallery website.

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