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Landscape elements were found in Neolithic rock art in the Sahara desert, but the golden age of landscape painting is related to the Renaissance.

The Russian word PEIZAZH (landscape) comes from French PAYS (country). Artists who created artworks of this genre did their best to make the admirers appreciate the serene of peaceful life and the beauty of the surrounding nature.

This type of landscape painting was extremely popular in France and Italy in XVII – XVIII centuries. The peculiarity of this genre is that even if an artist is depicting a real countryside rather than imaginary, this landscape is nonetheless sentimentalized and reinterpreted by him, i.e. the painting contains something from the depth of the artist’s mind. Otherwise this genre would be irrelevant in the era of photography.

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Whose original artworks were bought by collectors?

Canaletto (Giovanni Antonio Canal) is an Italian artist of the XVIII century who created landscapes of Venice in the style of academism, characterized by accurate rendition of urban architecture. His art paintings were eagerly bought by British art collectors.

John Constable is a British landscape artist who celebrated the beauty of his country at the beginning of the 19th century. Paintings of this artist are full of romanticism and lyricism.

Paul Signac is a French artist of the second half of the 19th century, whose landscapes are filled with light and air.

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What makes landscape painting different?

Landscape painting is rich in themes and plots, and can be rural, urban or marine. Landscapes paintings may depict vegetation, architecture, technology (cars and ships), natural events (rain, snow, clouds) or astronomical objects (sun, moon, stars). People and animals are also often shown in the artworks of landscape artists.

The most outstanding artworks of this genre allow admirers to hear the wind blowing or the waves crashing, see the snow falling or the trees bending with the wind.

Landscape artists must be genuinely masterful and professional in order to render the richness of the nature with brushes and paints.

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