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Wall art is a genre of painting whose purpose is to decorate the interior of a home. Since the earliest periods of human history artists have worked to achieve this purpose. Since ancient times, people have always decorated their homes with the help of cave paintings, and later - with frescoes and other forms of monumental art such as mosaics, panels and stained glass windows. Application of carpets and tapestries also belongs to wall decor.

Tapestry is a single-sided carpet without a pile, which is used as wall decor. Tapestry can be made both manually and on a machine. It can be decorated with an ornament or a picture. Tapestries first appeared in ancient Egypt, Assyria and Babylon.

In the old days tapestries were a luxury. Artistic panels were also used to decorate walls. Artists used paints, stone or wood to decorate walls, ceilings or doors with various images or elements of sculpture. Of course, among other home decor elements, paintings have been used most often. Of course, a painting is an independent artwork, and it should not be intentionally created as home decor.

Its message cannot depend on the place in which it is placed.

Some paintings, however, can be considered perfect, for example, as a living room wall decor…unless they contradict the overall idea of the interior, created by a designer.

As elements of interior decoration, paintings began to spread in Europe since about the 14th century. They were used to decorate residences of rulers and rich people.

Wall art is in fact the most popular genre of fine art, and is very profitable for artists. Although it may be thought to be inferior in class to paintings created as milestones in art, and intended for exhibitions, galleries and other biennials where they must surprise or even shock the public.

What is peculiar of this genre? It is important for canvas wall art to be clear to the general public, pleasant and not annoying.

Refined aesthetes, of course, resent such criteria and accuse artists of wall art of supporting the undemanding tastes of a mass audience.

But let the reproaches remain on those aesthetes’ conscience. After all, artists are people too and they need to eat. Therefore, they create and sell wall paintings for home decor. By the way, some artists, now recognized and famous, used to sell their paintings for a bowl of soup in taverns, where those paintings were hung to decorate the walls. Let’s recall Niko Pirosmani, for example.

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Giuseppe Bonito is an Italian painter of the 18th century who evolutionized from baroque to rococo. At the beginning of his career, he executed orders of religious communities. Later he fulfilled orders of the royal court in Naples as a portrait painter and interior artist. He was also good at fresco painting. Bonito became the first director of the Neapolitan Academy of Art and the head of the Royal Tapestry Manufacture. All of Naples knew that it was the best place to buy wall painting.

From the end of the XIX century Niko Pirosmani painted decorative panels and signs for pubs and shops.

The artist often used home-made paints and PVC tablecloths as the material for his artworks.

Festive feasts often became subjects of his paintings. Gustav Klimt, an Art Nouveau artist, carried out home decor orders in Vienna. He decorated churches, palaces, the theater, university, as well as painted portraits to order. Now paintings by this artist can be bought only at auctions at a great price.

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In addition to authentic artworks for home decor, now you can buy prints of famous paintings.

This became common due to advanced modern technologies for creating printed images (prints). Another interesting modern method of decorating interiors is aerography, painting the walls with spray paint. A home or office can be also well decorated with a poster or a photograph.

You can buy a painting for the interior of the living room, bedroom or kitchen on the site of the Jose Art Gallery.

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