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Painting is a multiform art with various genres: portrait, landscape, still life, genre art as well as historical, mythological and animalistic genres. In this diversity each connoisseur can find something close to their personality. In the JAG online gallery you can find big collections of paintings of various genres.

Someone likes to look at faces. Portrait painting reflects both a person’s appearance and their state of mind. The ultimate goal of an artist who creates portraits is to convey not only the resemblance, but also the inner world of the person depicted in the portrait.

Historical painting conveys artist’s impression on historical events, stories and characters from the past.

Mythological painting not only illustrates myths and legends of different nations, but also conveys images, archetypes, similar plots.

Landscape, loved by many artists and art lovers, is a genre depicting nature, cities, countryside and historical sights.

Genre painting requires special skills from an artist - to create an artwork from everyday life.

Seascape painting is a genre that depicts the sea, and is an example of marine art.

Animalistic painting is a genre dedicated to our animal relatives. And finally, still life painting - a genre with cozy yet gloomy name, which is translated from French as "dead nature". These are paintings of household items, flowers, gifts of nature, hunting and fishing trophies, placed in domestic environment.

Art collections of these genres can be found in the JAG online gallery.

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Why do people collect artworks? Some people consider building an art collection as an investment. It should be noted that this is a usual investment asset internationally. Indeed, art grows in value over time. If a collection of paintings or other artworks was wisely selected and is a well-considered holistic collection of art, it will increase in value more than each artwork separately.

Collecting artworks of living artists can be also considered as a kind of patronage. A collector buying artworks can even influence tendencies in art and development of its particular areas.

Collections of paintings are created based on specific characteristics. It can be a collection of artworks of a certain artist, or a group of artists representing a certain school. Art collectors can be either individuals or organizations, museums, galleries and even the state.

JAG experts are always ready to help you select and build a collection of paintings or other artworks.

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When we read the word "painting", we might think of a practice or desire to create bright, vivid and energetic artworks. And even though this word comes from old times, the feeling that we get when we hear it, accurately reflects the characteristics of modern artists - to create vivid and memorable artworks.

Collections of paintings by modern artists can be a profitable investment. After all, good art like good wine grows in value over time.

Paintings of the artists of the past, who are now considered classics, are very expensive today. Artworks of the emerging artists, and even those artists who have started establishing themselves in the art environment, are much more affordable. Over the years they will only become more expensive. In addition, every collector dreams to invest in an unknown but talented artist, who in the future is destined to reach the top of the art world!

Experts and consultants of the Jose Art Gallery will always help you buy the best contemporary art collections even if you are unfamiliar with the trends of contemporary art.

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