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The name of this genre comes from the French word nudité (nakedness). A man started depicting people in ancient times. One of the oldest monuments of nude painting is murals in the Egyptian city of Amarna, dating back to the 14 th century BC, which depict daughters of Pharaoh Akhenaten.

Mankind has had realistic nude statues since the archaic period of the ancient Greek culture (approx. 7th century BC). It is noteworthy that not a single statue of a nude woman was discovered until the 6 th century BC, and very few - in the next century, while nude men were sculpted by ancient Greeks much more often. Obviously, that was conditioned by art trends of that time. By the 5 th century BC ancient Greek sculptors had created a classical ideal of the nude art, which remained relevant around the globe until the end of the 19 th century.

During the European Middle Ages, this genre was not popular either in the western part of the continent or in the Byzantine Empire. The situation changed in the Renaissance, when interest in antiquity and the nudity in art reappeared.

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Titian, a Venetian artist of the XVI century, is one of the most prominent masters of the Renaissance. Subjects with a nude body were embodied in his mythological paintings. Venus, Flora, Danae, Europe became the heroines of his nude artworks, which reflect aesthetic ideals of the era.

Antonio da Correggio is an Italian artist of the early 16th century. The sensuality and eroticism of his nude paintings, mythological subjects, so typical for his era, and images of heroines and heroes of ancient myths attracted attention of art lovers in the past.

Amadeo Modigliani is an artist who lived in XIX - XX centuries in Italy. In his youth he studied ancient and Renaissance art, but it was African art which considerably influenced his artworks and filled them with excitement. His nude oil paintings are considered to be true masterpieces.

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For centuries, artists have praised the beauty of the human body. While depicting the nude body, they also sought to penetrate the human soul.

In the twentieth century, the nude art continues to exist despite new trends in art. Nude oil paintings for sale can be found on the Jose Art Gallery website.

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