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How to buy art online

JAG online art gallery has exhibited and sold paintings of famous artists since 2017. We believe that everyone has the right to buy a painting, be it an experienced art collector or a newcomer to the art market. At the same time, new paintings of artists should find their connoisseurs. This is how the idea appeared to create online service based on the JAG gallery, which would be convenient both for painters and buyers

To buy paintings of contemporary artists you do not need to visit exhibitions in different cities around the world. Sale of paintings at the online exhibition is open 24 hours a day. The purchase price does not include the rent, personnel and security staff’s salary. JAG online gallery sells paintings of famous artists, so it is interested in promoting artists and their works

You can buy painting even without deep knowledge of the art market intricacies. The site of the online gallery has a very convenient search system. Even a beginner will be able to buy a painting in the online store with the specified filters. All new paintings of artists presented on the site are original works with the signature of the author. Each work of art is allotted by a certificate of authenticity from the experts of the gallery.

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Buy contemporary paintings at an auction

Auction houses in London or New York sell paintings of famous and well-advertised artists. Therefore, you can hardly buy anything for an amount less than 10 thousand dollars there. Prices of contemporary art have long exceeded the prices of many classical art objects. The demand for works of art is formed by experienced players: gallery owners and experienced art collectors.

You can only buy paintings on canvas from the auction after pre-registration. If your bet wins, you will need to pay a commission to the auction house. When buying a painting at foreign auctions you need to consider the customs law.

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Buy modern painting directly from the artist

You can also buy a painting cheaply directly from the artist. However, you should understand schools, styles, trends of painting or base exclusively on your own taste. Art curators help to understand intricacies of collecting. But it must be a person you fully trust or whose authority is doubtless for you. If you are going to buy art, for example, buy oil painting, from an intermediary, you need to check documents that confirm the authenticity of the oil painting.

Flea markets exist for those who are fascinated not only by purchase or sale of oil paintings, but also by the search process. Here it is quite possible to find something worthwhile for reasonable money or get snared by a mock attraction for gullible buyers

Even if you are not interested in auctions and competition at auctions, in the Jose Art Gallery you can buy paintings for the interior design or make a beautiful and stylish gift.

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