To buy paintings in the JAG online store means

Are you planning to buy painting and looking for a reliable platform? JAG online gallery is at your service. Selling paintings in our gallery is done without intermediaries. We work with artists and experts directly, so we charge reasonable prices for paintings. All paintings of modern artists have the certificate of authenticity from the Jose Arts Gallery online store.

Jose Art Gallery is an online store for affordable contemporary art and an art gallery online. The gallery is open 24 hours a day. Filters on the site will help to find works by artists executed in a certain genre or find a painting of the right size and shape. In any case you should look through beautiful oil paintings enjoying the process and without haste. In the catalog of the JAG online gallery you will find contemporary art of painting, sculpture and photography.

Buying an oil painting is a serious matter. You could not decide whether to buy a painting or buy a sculpture? Leave your request on the site. The consultants will contact you and provide information on the artist, history and technique of the work performed. Experts are quite knowledgeable in trends so they can help you assess the investment value of the artwork you have chosen.

The assessment of the value of the painting consists of two components: an expert assessment and your personal preferences

How to rely on your own opinion? First of all, get acquainted with the styles of paintings presented in the JAG gallery.

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Art gallery online

In the JAG online gallery of oil paintings you can buy paintings by artists from all over the world. The purpose of the exhibition is not only sale of oil paintings, but also acquaintance of visitors with works of promising artists.

The main styles in the JAG online art gallery:

• In object photography it is customary to focus on the image of a person`s figure or an object. Artists resort to original techniques: blurred silhouettes, light glare, individual smears and the contrast of light and dark spots.

• Abstract painting is a combination of ephemeral figures, blurred contours, non-standard color solutions and clear graphic forms.

• Elegant painting is full of images of cute characters, pastel shades and recognizable shapes. Clear or vague contours are lightweight and somewhat ephemeral.

• Pop art or a stylized photograph is no less popular than in the 60`s of the last century. Vivid paintings are full of energy, positive and subtle humor.

• • Conceptual painting can be explained with the phrase "I am the artist, I see it this way". Mystical images in paintings, ridicule of people and phenomena in society, extremes in color solutions - all these techniques help things or events gain new meaning through conceptualism.

Buying paintings from auctions is safe but expensive, buying secondhand - profitable, but risky. In the online gallery you can buy original works of art at reasonable prices.

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Paintings by eminent artists from all over the world

Purchase of great artists’ paintings is the opportunity to join the elite club of art collectors. But there are many “underwater rocks” in the art investment market. Art is a long-run investment. Therefore, you should invest in those works that you will be pleased to watch. To buy paintings on canvas and to make money you have to be knowledgeable in actual trends or contact experts of the art market.

In the JAG gallery you can buy a painting with delivery. We will deliver oil paintings in 15 days throughout the world. Date and terms of delivery to other regions are negotiated with each customer additionally. Buyers can pay for a painting with a bank card or through the Pay Pal payment system. Security of Internet payments is not only our clients’ but also our online store’s concern. Therefore the site is connected to the system of protected electronic payments

Thinking about choosing a gift for a close friend or business partner? A painting as a present is an exclusive VIP present, made in a single version. There are not many works of art. Contemporary paintings will enrich the house and will be inherited by children. Safety deposit boxes are not needed to store works of art. But, of course they should be insured against theft.

The purchase of artworks in the JAG online store is a great chance to revitalize the environment or the idea for an unhackneyed gift.

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