Sculpture "Iele BJD Porcelain Art Doll" | Artist Alice S. | Jose Art Gallery
Sculpture "Iele BJD Porcelain Art Doll" | Artist Alice S. | Jose Art Gallery
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Iele BJD Porcelain Art Doll

Luxury BJD (ball-jointed-doll) – a piece of Romanian culture & mythology, so universal in meaning, yet so particular in aesthetics and almost completely unknown to the world. Each and every symbol and decoration on the doll’s surface and clothing are relevant to its sacred self, the deity it represents. THE STORY “Iele “: supernatural creatures from Romanian mythology, widespread in superstitions; no one can establish a clear profile for them because of the inconsistencies in folklore, however, their preferred mythological form is that of 9 seductive and “crazy” (in Romanian an attribute for crazy is “lunatic”, a derivate of the word “moon”) virgins whose supernatural powers (malevolent if anybody dares to watch them dance) increase immensely when they dance in circles. Their origins are that of old Dacian priestesses performing mystical rituals. Limoges Porcelain/ Painted with Platinum Luster/ Silver jewelry/ Hand embroidered costume / Natural Silk / Alpaca Fibers/ Completely handcrafted. Every doll is made to order, that’s why differences from the photos featured on this web page may occur. Small imperfections are the guarantee of the high quality of the doll and its hand-made nature – we call them “birthmarks”. Sensitive to scratches.

Materials: Mixed method
Size:   24 W x 38 H x 24 D   cm
Year of creation: 2017
Style: Realism
Original artwork, available in 1 copy
$3,400 USD
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From Alice S. , Romania
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