Boatman Painting by Ihor Kozak - Jose Art Gallery
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Yonder in time a boatman wait Behind the misty white death his bait carrying souls to an unknown land his path same in journeys uncounted sand the early morn mist clears to light rowing close his passenger in sight he checks the list of destiny for the name yells to the shore to confirm the same mortal soul to immortal land the boatman row with steady hand A distant melody the boatman sing A gentle ride sailed with feathery wing Time swift to the unknown land The passenger be welcomed by angels hand What hath thou have to pay the fare Seek the boatman his journeys share The mortal look towards the angels hand What hath i got in immortal land pointed the angel to a box of gold Tis your treasure in heaven unsold Yonder lay in the box of gold deeds of the passenger in earth to hold deeds of love and deeds of care memories of past ever to share Time stood its ground the passenger thought He said to the boatman thou shall have all i got why doth you give all the angel sought To those on earth I owe in deeds and thoughts A fare to pay for those who cant To heavens abode the ride they want leaving forth the pains and sorrow behind leaving with sweet memories to the loved and kind

Description of the Painting "Boatman":

Materials oil/canvas
Size70 W × 50 H × 0.3 D   cm
Year of creation2004
Genre Marine Art
Style Realism
The artwork has been sold
Ihor Kozak
From Ihor Kozak , Ukraine
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