Painting "Fluorite heart" | Artist Viktoriia Prokofieva | Jose Art Gallery
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Fluorite heart

Excerpt fr om the story about Fluorite Heart:     Once in the underground library, among the countless rooms filled not only with books, but also with all kinds of tablets, maps, artifacts and attributes of a kind and origin I did not understand, I did not know what I wanted to find. Honestly, I was confused, since I still did not know about this place 5 more jumps back. In order to drown out the stream of chaotic thoughts and emotions distracting fr om searches, I closed my eyes and began to rub the worn-out amethyst stone in my pocket of my jacket already bald. When the inner rumble subsided, I started asking the program: I want to find a bright, kind, wise, useful for myself and others, I want to find the whole universe (the latter unexpectedly escaped fr om the region of the heart) ... I opened my eyes and already quite calmly began to look around. Suddenly, fr om a nearby hall, amazingly beautiful music began to be heard ... This symphony is familiar to me, I recognized it - this is a song of the Universe! Everyone knows its sound, but remember only when they hear it, and then again return to their oblivion. I hope there is a person who will finally remember her or remember, and record, and play this wonderful song on Earth!        Walking through the sound, I saw that it was coming fr om a huge, more luminous crystal, the beautiful vibrations emanating from it made my body delighted. Further, the sound went into the depths of the crystal, in which oceans and stars were visible, and it became warm, it was good as if I were at home, wh ere they were waiting for me, wh ere they loved me infinitely, appreciated, wh ere there was complete comfort and coziness. To my left was a blond old man with an uneven wooden-golden cane. It was obvious that he was very, very kind and even more wise. As it turned out, he came from stone. He told how a huge celestial sphere, the size of a star, used to live in outer space, consisting entirely of a crystal, which we call Fluorite. This sphere, as I understood, served as a kind of transmitter-transformer of wisdom, light, love, family history and all the best that exists in the Universe. She kept a lot in herself, and even more was transmitted through her - as if various light elements from different corners of the universe were interconnected. This is very relevant, for example, for souls who have gone far from their source, from their family wh ere they appeared, because thanks to Fluorite they will always be able to remember who they are, wh ere they are from, they will never be lost and will always have a connection with their original gender, with loved ones, with friends, with all that is dear and important to them. P.S. The whole story, sorry, did not fit)

Materials: oil/canvas
Size:   85 W x 65 H x 2 D   cm
Year of creation: 2019
The artwork has been sold
From Viktoriia Prokofieva , Ukraine
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