METAMORPHOSIS VIII Painting by Evgeniy Shapovalov - Jose Art Gallery
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The correlation between the ideal and the real is traveling across human minds. This divide and the search for tangents were manifested in many aspects of culture and science. Leonardo da Vinci's "Vitruvian man", the idea of Golden ratio, the Plato's world of ideas - all of this can only be parts of the archetypal search of man for the laws of life and his place in it. But can we really look at ourselves and the world impartially? Our culture and science are anthropocentric - we are limited by conditions of human mind and thought. From this often arises a conflict between two "natures" - the human and the surrounding world. Isn’t this the root of the supposedly eternal struggle of spirit and matter? Perhaps the closest to the truth of life, if any exist, remained mythology. This combination of the reason and the unexplained wonderfully illustrates all the contrasts of life, and the tragically beautiful role of man in this whirlwind of events. And perhaps, mythology was less anthropocentric. The world in which the stone could become a beautiful Galatea, or the divine Daphne into a laurel tree. Harmony of Nature and humanity, which is its continuation and element. A similar perspective illustrates this series of works. The clear linearity of the body is an expression of the ideal perception - rationality and anthropocentrism. Between and around this, there is a mosaic breakthrough which corresponds with the living essence of man and nature, which hides in details. The smooth transitions of body physics into the supposedly inanimate nature of blooming flowers are the direct underline of the relativity of our divide from nature. These almost classical, as in ancient times, metamorphoses convey the sense of the mystery of life and its inexhaustible completeness.

Description of the Painting "METAMORPHOSIS VIII":

Materials oil/canvas
Size160 W × 140 H × 2.5 D   cm
Year of creation2018
Genre Nude
Style Contemporary Art
Original artwork, available in 1 copy
$3,300 USD
Evgeniy Shapovalov
From Evgeniy Shapovalov , Ukraine
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