“The Energy of Sciarsistic Ini Painting by Vladimir Koziuck
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“The Energy of Sciarsistic Ini

The unmotivational functions of art are in their essence the most true display of art, because they are the least subjected to influence fr om the outside. The fundamental human instinct of harmony, balance and rhythm. At this level the art is not an action or object, but an internal aspiration to harmony (to beauty) consumed regardless of its utility. Thus all that is created on this planet without the primary aim of sale, boastfulness, or pride, and is created as beauty, as knowledge and traditions, is an art as such. The main feature in an artist is his freedom, imagination, and his style is not quite that important, the gladness from creation - that is what is crucial, in fact we can only create alike the creator, for him we are children-bearers that bring knowledge to the society, show the way, each of the artists is a Prometheus in their societies, regardless of wh ere that society is found, on which continent and in what country, everything flows like sand through fingers, only art is eternal. The art provides us with a method to apply imagination in an unverbal way, without limitations, the art gives the wide range of forms, symbols and ideas, the sense of which can be interpreted differently, yet that makes no difference, because the process itself is the major element of creation of particles of the ether, the creation of the Divine. There are colourful rituals, presentations and dances in many cultures, which form symbols or methods to decorate some events. In itself they usually do not pursue some utilitarian aim, nevertheless their sense within the framework of this national culture is an inalienable part of these people or ethnic culture. Traditions were formed throughout many generations and often originally had the defined cosmological value that afterwards people fail to remember, reflexly imitating the acts, because sometimes that energy from that feeling reaches them, and they are unable to refuse onwards, actually that is exactly why sign system, established on this planet, continues to exist for thousands of years in ceramics, embroidery, etc., and the most expensive and trendy artist loses his value and significance in a blink of an eye, in a few years or a few decades time, if there are no principles of Divine energy to back him up.

Description of the Painting "“The Energy of Sciarsistic Ini":

Materials mixed method/canvas
Size280 W × 180 H × 2.5 D   cm
Year of creation2021
Genre Mythological
Style Conceptual
Original artwork, available in 1 copy
$221,000 USD
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Vladimir Koziuck
From Vladimir Koziuck , Ukraine
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