Drawing "World" | Artist Vladyslav Shpychak | Jose Art Gallery
Drawing "World" | Artist Vladyslav Shpychak | Jose Art Gallery
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This picture depicts the world around me, passing through my prism of perception. The shape of the circle can be associatively compared with the planet Earth, and all its details are nothing more than the work of the hands of the creator and the creation of human hands. 1 - The core, depicted as a flame that emanates outward. 2 - Minerals found in the inner layers of the earth. I painted them like diamonds, only with softer, natural shapes. 3 - Plants. What grows from the earth, and we see in the form of flowers, trees and other fauna that inhabits our planet. 4 - A man sitting in the lotus position. A radiance appeared over his head, in this way I conveyed the "radiance of reason" and the moment when a person is in a state of harmony with the world around him. 5 - A dragonfly, located on the same level with a person, as a symbol of insects that live on planet Earth. 6 - Waves presenting the World Ocean. About 70% of the earth's surface is covered by the waters of oceans, seas and rivers. 7 - Sea inhabitants, inhabitants of waters who live no less rich and interesting life than other animals. 8 - Sail, as a symbol of human interaction with the ocean. Humanity invented water transport and has the opportunity to study the world's waters. 9 - Clouds and lightning. The sky hanging over our heads is boundless and powerful. 10 - Airplane, another sign of man's conquest of airspace. 11 - Moon, representing calmness. Our luminary, one of the natural sources of light, which prevents the planet from drowning in darkness. 12 - Constellation "Great Bear". Known to most people and observed with the naked eye. Represents the beauty of the stars scattered throughout the galaxy. 13 - Saturn. The sixth planet from the Sun and proof that the Earth is only a small part of the universe. 14 - Spacecraft, as the likelihood of the existence of other civilizations. 15 - Creators of the Universe. Our caretakers and craftsmen who designed everything we know about, and more. They are at the highest level of the hierarchy.

Materials: ink/paper
Size:   60 W x 60 H x 0.1 D   cm
Year of creation: 2020
Style: Abstract
Original artwork, available in 1 copy
$150 USD
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From Vladyslav Shpychak , Ukraine
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