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Yuriy Obertas

Artist from Ukraine

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About the artist Yuriy Obertas

Obertas Yuri Alexandrovich was born, lives and works in Kherson. Since 2010, she has been a member of the Dnipro Palette Union of Folk Art. His picturesque paintings are distinguished by their realism. If you look at the landscape of the author, then you seem to breathe in the aroma of the place depicted by the artist, hear the noise of the trees and feel the warmth of the Ukrainian sun. A large place in the work of Yuriy Obertas is occupied by portraiture, which cannot be confused with anyone else. Many critics, looking at the paintings of this artist, remain at a loss as to how a person without a special art education can create such masterpieces ... Although, it is quite possible that this was due to his style acquired from nature, and not adopted from other artist-teachers. .. A few years ago, the artist Yuri Obertas began work on a series of author's paintings in the style of Reabstractionism. According to Yuri, this style was born in his head back in his distant school years ... but he was able to realize his plans only 20 years later. The artist himself about this says that a picture that claims to be a role in history, like real cognac, must have a good exposure ...

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Exhibitions of Yuriy Obertas

At the moment, Yuri Obertas has not held solo exhibitions. He took part in city and regional exhibitions organized by the Union of Artists of Ukraine (Kherson) and the Union of Folk Art "Dnipro Palette". In 2018, Obertas Yuriy received an invitation to participate in the exhibition of contemporary art "Art Shopping Paris" (Louvre, Paris) from the curator of this project RadziviLL Art Fund with his author's series "Reabstractionism", but due to subjective personal reasons, the artist could not take part in this event.

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Education of Yuriy Obertas

Engineer-technologist (graduated in 2006 from the Ukrainian Chemical-Technological University) Self-taught artist.

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