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Hello! My name is Yana, but you can call me Yanka! Very glad to meet you) I am an artist. I like to draw, this is my hobby, my job. Some of the paintings I draw are popular with people and they buy them. So, I have already sold a lot of paintings to different countries of the world (America, France, Russia, Portugal, Morocco, Germany, etc.). I will be glad if my paintings interest you. Write, I'm glad to everyone and open for cooperation! P. S As you may have noticed, I draw mainly gouache on cardboard. These are my favorite materials! If you think that this is wilderness and cardboard - not serious materials, then you immediately are not))) Many paintings by different world artists were painted on cardboard. For example, some paintings by Picasso, Dali, Chagall, etc. Less

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The exhibitions at which my paintings were present were mainly private-small displays of art enthusiasts in Russia, France, America, Portugal, etc.

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