Artist Victoriia Stogniy

Victoriia Stogniy

Artist from Ukraine

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 April 24th, 2020

About the artist Victoriia Stogniy

My name is Victoriia Stogniy. I was born in 1978 in Odessa. live and work in Odessa. During 1995-2001 period, I attended the Academy of Construction and Architecture in Odessa. Back then photography was already my main passion. By 2015, my style of work transformed into abstract photography. This direction has become central to my artistic vision. I take favourite objects that I like to gaze upon and contemplate about, such as paper, glass, plastic. I create colorful compositions out of them and add light. Under the effect of light and particular angle positioning, the form, structure and original association of these objects changes. And thus the magic begins. I become a witness to an object’s transition from one dimension into another. In my photographs, the viewer sees images of these physical entities after metamorphosis has taken place. As a result, the feelings and emotions of the viewer also undergo a transformation since the essence of these elements is no longer tied to their origin. Through my photographs I want to expose the beauty of lines and shapes, the undeniable power of light. Each of my photos is part of a series of 15-20 photos.

Exhibitions of Victoriia Stogniy

2018/Group exhibition at Museum of Western & Eastern Art, Odessa,Ukraine.

Education of Victoriia Stogniy

1995-2001 Academy of Construction and Architecture, Odessa.

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