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Pavlo Kiriakov

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 June 1st, 2020

About the artist Pavlo Kiriakov

About Pavlo Kiriakov I was born in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine. Fr om the earliest years of my life I felt a longing for the beautiful, aesthetically appreciating the beauty of the Native Land, the unforgettable landscapes that our planet gives us. It inspired me to take a pencil in my hands, to start painting my own watercolor drawings and then bright oil paintings. Unfortunately I'm not fully a professional artist. I am a career diplomat - Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador. But my first education is a marine geologist. Further postgraduate, PhD in marine geology, investigation of the geology of the Black Sea, Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, work in Africa and later, PhD in political science. When my country regained independence, I took an active part in building the national foreign policy of the new young Ukrainian State. I had to work and head our embassies in south-eastern and northern Europe. I have the rank of Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine. I received my art education when I six years studied at a specialized Art studio in Kyiv and also passed a semester of Art courses in the the House of Architects of Ukraine. Painting was always my dream. As for me, the process of painting is the same as life in nature develops. You take the grain, plant it into the fertile land. Take care of the young sprout. And, over time, either a beautiful flower or a lush tree with beautiful juicy fruits grow from a small grain. So with the picture. Take clean canvas. Doing undermining. He is not beautiful and not understandable for others. You start to paint and, oh miracle, an image appears and life is born on the canvas. That is why I like to paint, embody my vision of nature on canvas and convey my feelings. My inspiration has always been great skies and landscapes, especially bright sunsets over the sea or dramatic formidable thunderclouds. I must note that I draw from memory. These are memorable and imaginary landscapes. I don’t want to be burdened with the exact reproduction of something, which would then lead me to a performance in which there would be no description of what I want. First of all, I'm not interested in drawing clouds or landscapes - I'm interested in what the image of the cloud and landscape, the simplified representation of these forms are described in terms of mood and memory. I use color and pattern in the description of geography and include some information indicating the place, but in a significantly reduced and highly stylized form. My goal is to bring light and beauty to this world, to put focus onto the positive and lovely parts of life thus uplifting and inspiring as many people as possible. With this in mind, I want to take a moment to inject some extra color and aesthetics into your day. I currently works in my small home studio in Kyiv. I also organized a small studio in my country house wh ere I work in the summer. Throughout my career I organized and participated in various art festivals on which paintings of Ukrainian and foreign artists were presented. The main my goal is to engage the viewer in the creative process, feel the color scheme in all its glory, love the beauty of nature and protect it. I would like my paintings to create a valuable guidebook, invite to visit different corners of the countryside, be cautious about the environment, cherish and love Native land.

Exhibitions of Pavlo Kiriakov

Throughout my career, I have organized and participated in various art exhibitions, in honesty, in the Republic of Estonia, Northern Macedonia, the Republic of Guinea, etc., which featured paintings by contemporary Ukrainian and foreign artists. The exhibition, in which I recently participated, took place on 12.2019-01.2020: exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian artists “Christmas Opening Day”, Art Gallery “Mitets”, Kiev, Ukraine.

Education of Pavlo Kiriakov

Art studio, Kyiv, Ukraine Art courses of the House of Architects of Ukraine (one semester), Kyiv, Ukraine Odessa I.I.Mechnikov National University, Odessa, Ukraine PhD in marine geology аnd PhD in political science, Kyiv, Ukraine

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