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Artist from Ukraine

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About the artist Olga Kharyakova

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Olga’s creativity is difficult to attribute to any artistic direction. Sometimes she is a "realist" - with a detailed mastery of the motive, sometimes an "expressionist" - with a riot of colors and brilliance, full of edge. Olga studies the work of outstanding artists of the past and present. Constantly develops his skills, applies new technologies and materials, voluminous relief surfaces are often used in the author's technique. Usually the paintings are born from some kind of hint, which flashed in the impression, but not copying what was seen, but a deep rethinking and creation of an artistic image. Olga Kharyakova is an artist who is constantly in creative search. Contemporary art and experiments in abstraction, unexpected technical solutions. He works in the technique of oil and acrylic painting. The paintings are in the Zaporizhzhya Regional Art Museum, in private collections: Ukraine, Germany, Israel, Czech Republic, Italy, Russia.

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2010 Gallery of Modern Art "Lenin" Zaporozhye 2011 personal exhibition "Summer Inspiration" in the gallery Art-L Zaporozhye 2014 personal exhibition "World of Color" Art-L Gallery Zaporozhye 2012-2019 curator and participant in the annual exhibitions of the Zaporozhye city association of artists "Kolorit" since 2014, deputy chairman of the Zaporozhye city association of artists "Kolorit" Curator of 2015 and a participant in the project “Mystetsky reflection on the Maidan 2013-2014”, in the Zaporozhye Regional Art Museum, with the publication of the exhibition catalog 2015, participation in the exhibition "Apple Spa", Zaporozhye Regional Art Museum 2016, 2017, 2018 - A participant in the open air "Zaporozhye landscape", organized by the Zaporozhye Regional Art Museum, with published catalogs. 2018, participation in the creative project City Face, development of sketches for paintings. Throughout her career, she actively participated in national teams and thematic city exhibitions in galleries and exhibition halls of Zaporozhye.


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2009-2011, Art Studio at the Gallery of Modern Art "Lenin"; 2011-2012. School-studio of painting gallery Art-L; 2013. Training in a creative workshop Alex Yakushenko, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine; 2015. Training in the creative workshop of Natalia Korobova, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine; 2016 School of Contemporary Art Kiev, course Abstraction

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