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hello My name is Natalia, a painter by profession, vitrazhnyk. I always liked to draw, I think it is a gift given by God. But the academy today gave me a lot of experience and ability to face the world, depicting it on canvas. Writing in different techniques and materials Currently the paint abstract paintings on canvas oil painting style surrealism. These paintings are characterized by dynamism, bright, colorful colors that illuminate each kimnatu.Stvoryuyetsya bizarre world of contradictions. And the shell is decorated with paintings present life; butterfly in the air to represent freedom. And this multifaceted world of art created surreal body of work is as varied as the items floating in the artwork. Impact of Dali and Picasso, among other artists, evident in momu mystetstvi.Tsi artists that inspire me. Thank you for dedicating your time to read this piece, Have a great visit!

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Lviv Higher Professional Art School. By profession: painter, stained glass. 2. Ukrainian Academy of Printing (UAC) Correspondence faculty: fine and applied arts. (I'm studying the 4th course)

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