Artist Mykola Mamchur

Mykola Mamchur

Artist from Ukraine

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 October 28th, 2018

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About the artist Mykola Mamchur

I was born on 14/04/1955 in Kremenets, Ternopil’ region. At first, I took Art lessons from the local artist Ivan Demyanovych Herasevych, and later from famous Ukrainian artist Oleksa Shatkivskyy. In 1971-1972 I enrolled in Lviv Art College of Trush. 1973-1975 – served in Army Forces. 1980-1987 – studied at Moscow Folk Art University. In 1988 I opened sport-art club “Sakura”, which has been active since. In October 1991 I took part in creating the National Army of Ukraine, and kept working there as an instructor. In 1992 I started my own detective-security agency “Tesey”, which had been active until 1997. From 1997 to 2007 I worked as bodyguard, during that time I also painted and took part in art exhibitions. From 2007 to 2011 I lived and worked in New York. During my time in America my paintings was exhibited in Washington and New York. In 2011 I returned to Ukraine. In the same year I created a art group “Artists without workshops”. From 2014 to June 2017 I served in the Army, participated in ATO. In 2018 I restored art group “Artists without workshops” and we have held a series of exhibitions in the region.

Exhibitions of Mykola Mamchur

1977 - My world, Kremenets museum 1979 - Point of vision, Kremenets museum 1981 - The city of birth, Kremenets museum 1982 - 85 Annual exhibitions, oil canvases & sculpture, Kremenets museum 1986 - Space and Time, oil canvases & sculpture, Ternopil art gallery 1989 - New times are coming, Ternopil art gallery 1991 - Quo vadis, homo?.. oil canvases & sculpture, Lviv, the House of Sculpturers 1992 - Between the land and heavens, Ternopil, art gallery 1994 - The Path of Encestors, the “Zbarazh fortress” museum (Zbarazh) 1995 - Watercolours, Ternopil art gallery 1996 - 2006 Annual exhibitions, Ternopil art gallery 2007 - museum & exhibition hall of medical academy (Ternopil) 2008 - Medieval times, oil paintings, New York, VIP- hall of Polish society in Manhattan 2009 - American friends, oil paintings, Ternopil, International Charitable Foundation ”Caritas” 2011 – Exhibitions throughout the year: the palace of culture «Berezil» (Ternopil), Koza Bar (Ternopil), Kremenets museum (Kremenets), art studio «Picasso» (Ternopil), Pochaiv museum (Pochaiv), the Ternopil castle (Ternopil), art restaurant Pid Levom (Lviv) 2012 - Exhibitions throughout the year: Ukrainian House «Peremoha» (Ternopil), Kremenets museum (Kremenets) 2013 - Exhibitions throughout the year: Drahomanov University (Kyiv) – together with a lecture for students, art museum Rzeszow (Poland), Kremenets museum (Kremenets), restaurant «Ark» (Ternopil) 2014 – art gallery «Bunkermuz» (Ternopil), 2015 – art gallery «Euro-Art» (Rivne), local history museum (Ternopil), local history museum (Terebovlia) 2017 – the military unit of the 44th artillery brigade (Ternopil) 2018 – art gallery «Euro-Art» (Rivne), Ternopil Art Gallery of the Union of Artists of Ukraine (Ternopil), Kremenets museum (Kremenets), Pochaiv museum (Pochaiv), art café “Coleshanka”

Education of Mykola Mamchur

Lviv Art College of Trush (1971-72). Moscow Folk Art University (1980 - 1987).

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