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Mario Viani

Artist from Indonesia

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 November 2nd, 2018

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About the artist Mario Viani

I am an artist, I use acrylic on canvas media or acrylic on paper in painting. The style of my paintings is abstract art, abstract figurative and pop surrealism. The use of textures in my paintings is expected to be an attraction for the apreciator of art

Exhibitions of Mario Viani

Exhibition Activities: • 2013, XXIX ISI Yogyakarta Anniversary Exhibition at UPT Gallery ISI Yogyakarta. • 2013, Exhibition of drawings "Local Wisdom" National Gallery Event in Pasuruan, East Java • 2013, the 2010 Force Exhibition, "In Togetherness" at Yogyakarta Cultural Park. • 2014, Group Exhibition "913", "RETRSOPEKSI" at the Yogyakarta Regular Gallery. • 2015, "Ndandani" FKY-27, Plasa Ngasem, Yogyakarta • 2017, Exhibition of ASRI Yogyakarta Birth Day "Jas Merah", at the ISI Yogyakarta Painting Building. • 2018, MYAF Group Joint Exhibition, at Artos Mall Magelang. • 2018, Wedangan Group Joint Exhibition at Yogyakarta Cultural Park. • 2018, Nandur srawung Exhibition # 5 "BEBRAYAN", at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta. • 2018, Great Art Exhibition, "PANJI BUILDING THE NATION CHARACTER", in Batu City, East Java. • 2018, Top 50 Finalists "UOB Painting Of The Year 2018 Exhibition" Indonesian National Gallery, Organized by Bank UOB INDONESIA.

Education of Mario Viani

Educational background : - 1995-2001 Bruderan Purwokerto elementary school - 2001-2004 Bruderan Purwokerto Junior High School - 2004-2007 Bruderan High School Purwokerto - 2007-2009 Sokaraja Computer Science School, Banyumas - 2010-2017 Indonesian Art Institute, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Fine Arts, Main Interest in Painting worked: Artist, Panting, Drawing, Sculpture

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