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Mário Afonso

Artist from Portugal

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 January 17th, 2020

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About the artist Mário Afonso

Mário Diogo was born in 2001 in Portugal. No matter how young you are: if you have a passion and love for art than you will do anything to pursue your future career inside contemporary art world. From an early age, Mário started to develop a great enthusiasm towards painting, drawing, jewelry and fashion design. These are the fields that this emerging artist is truly passion about. In 2017, he decided to study Visuals Arts, and has been since then creating a powerful and creative portfolio. At the same time he decided to participate in several Art related contests, both national and international. Despite of his very young age, Mário has been getting noticed because of his artworks, some of them being quite provocative and different from what people are used to see in museums. Most of Mário's works depict images that he visualizes in his head, being the human body and portraits the most important subjects in his art.

Exhibitions of Mário Afonso

Young Visual Artists- 2019, Alcanena, Portugal Where Lost Things Go- 2020, Alcanena, Portugal Aveiro Young Creators- 2020, Aveiro, Portugal

Education of Mário Afonso

Degree in Visual Arts (2017- present)

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