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About the artist Marianna Maslova

Born in 1985 in the town of Zhairem, which means “oasis”, in Kazakhstan. Since 1994 she live and work in Ukraine. The first impressions of the Kazakh steppe, the original folk flowers, patterns influenced the color of her work. Many paintings can trace the ornaments of Middle Asia, and the variety of colors resembles the steppe spring. In the middle of the nineties she came to Ukraine. If Kazakhstan is full of contrasts and clear contours, then the nature of Ukraine is made up of nuances and lace lines.

Exhibitions of Marianna Maslova

2007 «Expression on the Asphalt» University of Taras Shevchenko, Kyiv 2007 «The Solid Anatomy of Large cities» National Palace «Ukraine», Kyiv 2010 one-man show «Fantasy Worlds» Gallery «Wunjo Art», Kyiv 2011 Exhibition “Arts.in.ua”, ARTS SUPPORT FUND, Kyiv 2013 Exhibition at Metropolic, Kiev 2013 art-residency in Crimea, Koktebel2013 November Exhibition «Poetry Flowers», Kiev2015 March exhibition «Flower Kingdom», Kiev 2015 charitable project «Murals at children’s hospitals» 2016 participate in the project «374 artist ‘paintings and fair project Folk Ukraine 2016 participated in the Kyiv Lions Club auction at the Radisson Blue Hotel, Kiev 2019 Participate in the project “Ballpoint Pen”, Karas Gallery, Kyiv 2019 Participate in the Second Exhibition of Botanical Art, Grishko Botanical Garden, Kyiv 2019 participation in a group exhibition, Mitec, Kyiv 2020 participation in the exhibition of the creative association “Five” at the Museum of the Hetmanate, Kyiv 2020 participation in the exhibition “Herbarium”, Athens 2020 participation in the exhibition-competition named after Yakutovych, Kyiv 2020 participation in the exhibition “Graphics in Kharkiv 2020”, Kharkiv 2020 participation in the Third Exhibition of Botanchin Art, Science and Natural History Museum, Kyiv 2021 participation in the exhibition “Art Parallels”, Kyiv, Center of Ukrainian Culture and Art 2021 participation in the exhibition “Aesthetics of Stone”, NMNH, Kyiv 2021 participation in the all-Ukrainian exhibition “Triennial of Graphics”, House of Artists, 2021 2021 participation in Print Meet 2021 in TRAKYA UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF FINE ARTS, Turkey 2021 personal exhibition “Graphics”, art space “Tree of Life” 2021 personal exhibition “30 views of Kyiv” Vladimir market, Kyiv 2021 participation in the International mini print Triennial “Intaglio, Kyiv 2021 participation in the exhibition “A4, ballpoint pen” in the Ukrainian project “Borders of Reality”, the annual international art exhibition NORDART 2021, Budelsdorf, Germany

Education of Marianna Maslova

2002-2003 Art Studio of academician A. Titov (Kyiv) 2003-2005 studied at the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Publishing faculty, Department of Graphics 2006-2010 graduated Kyiv Institute of decorative art and design Mykhailo Boychuk, Department of Graphic Design 2019 -… Atelier36 workshop, Ms. Oksana Stratiychuk’s course

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