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Maria Pylypenko

Artist from Ukraine

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About the artist Maria Pylypenko

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My specialization is a landscape and a portrait artist. But in general the genre of the mythology and religion attracts me as much as other kinds of the easel painting. I also work in an animalistic genre and have a lot of still life paintings. I can declare myself as a realistic artist who prefers oil painting. But sometimes I use watercolors and dry pastels, soft graphic materials and ink. I have been doing levkas for six years. I also work out the batik and the aqua ink techniques. I hope you will like my art.

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Exhibition «Search», 2020, Kyiv, Ukraine National Museum of Literature of Ukraine I also have exhibited in a group exhibitions on the territory of the National Reserve Sofia Kievskaya (Kiev, Ukraine), the National Cultural, Art and Museum Complex "Mystetsky Arsenal" (Kiev, Ukraine), the National Center of Folk Culture "Ivan Honchar Museum" (Kiev, Ukraine) and others


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The National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture, Kyiv, Ukraine Faculty of Visual Arts and Restoration Department of Painting and Composition Specialization: oil painting

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