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About the artist MAJA KLEMENČIČ

When I was 7 years old , I remember , we went in kindergarten to a gallery. I think it was just by the way that we stopped and somehow I clearly remember I saw a picture in the gallery , which was impressionistic. It was a man spreading seeds around the field and pastures of flowers around. I remember I was so impressed , this picture left me out of breath. At the weekend I remember begging my mother to give me colours , water colours so I could draw. At first she didn’t listen but I was very persistent. I made a picture which was impressionistic with flowers , impressionistic blossoming fields. I have been an artist all my life. In elementary school , when it was time to enrol to high school I will never forget the hurt , when I had to listen to my father when he applied me to the high school of tourism. I remember sitting next to my best school mate as she said she was going to the high school of art and design. The feeling was really huge sadness since I wanted that as well. In high school , I kept dressing myself in outstanding wardrobe with many earrings. Sometimes I would write song lyrics on the whole jacket , wearing a really different style. I was boemic type , allways expressing myself. When i was 22 years old , after some incident when i was diagnosed with schizophrenia i was strongly influenced by two people. They made a huge impact on me , it was the time i knew i am a painter,and that i want to dedicate my life to painting. For 10 years ,before all the selling and recognisitions i was developing art , skills ,drawing , painting. 2013 i was given an award for writting articles for man years for homless magazine. 2015 i worked and coloborated with very well recognised slovenian music artist Trkaj. Also the same year for wife of Mr Avsenik , wich is worldwide famous music artist of Polka. ( Slovenia is very known for that ) 2016 i had some small coloboration with acadmic artist from Netherlands , but most of that year is known for starting profesiionally selling my art. 2018 i made first bigger sells of art , based just because of my art and the recognition of paintings. 2019 profesionally selling my Art.

Exhibitions of MAJA KLEMENČIČ

I have worked with very recognized musician from my country,had some friendship with Academics,we still colaborate,but for my independant exhibition there wasnt time yet. And its also mater of conections.

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