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About the artist lyudmyla Koval

Lyudmila Koval is a Ukrainian artist, designer, participant of regional and all-Ukrainian international exhibitions, plein airs and competitions. Participant of the "Silver Easel" competition and the international open-air competition "Best Artist". Awarded the medal "For Service to Art". She was born on January 6, 1996 in the city of Tulchyn, Vinnytsia region. She received secondary education there. It was in the Vinnytsia region that he spent his childhood. At a very young age, I clearly decided what I wanted to become... In 2017, I defended my bachelor's degree in fine arts. Now I am continuing my master's studies. Even at a young age, I realized that I wanted to connect my life with creativity. Now painting has become an integral part of it. How many dawns in my life have I met while writing and how many times have I met sunsets. The most beautiful thing is the union with nature. I have always said that an artist is a bit of a magician by nature, because he makes time to stop on the canvas and live forever in his works.

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Exhibitions of lyudmyla Koval

2015, Odesa - "Fresh Look", 2015 Odesa - "Exhibition of works from the glider named after P. Chakira", 2015, Odesa - "Exhibition of students of the district of , 2015 Odessa - "To the Day of the Artist of Ukraine", 2016, Mariupol, - "Kuinji Memorial", 2016 Odessa - "Portrait of the artist", 2016, Odessa - "To the Day of the Artist of Ukraine", 2016, Kyiv. - "Picturesque Ukraine", 2017, Odesa - "Exhibition of students of ODABA Faculty of Arts, 2017, Severodonetsk, - Picturesque Ukraine", 2017 Odessa - "to the 165th anniversary of the birth of K. Kostandi", 2017, Odesa - "Spring Mood", 2017, Kyiv - "To the Day of the Artist of Ukraine", 2017, Odessa - "Sunny Colors" 2017 Odessa - "To the birthday of Taras Shevchenko", 2017, Odesa - "To the Day of the Artist of Ukraine", 2018 Odessa - "Christmas exhibition" (evening salon), 2018 Odesa - "Vesna", 2018, Kyiv, - "Christmas Exhibition", 2018, Mariupol, - "Picturesque Ukraine"

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Education of lyudmyla Koval

Odesa State Academy of Construction and Architecture, Architectural and Art Institute, Department of Fine Arts., degree Master of Fine Arts and Interior Design. Ukraine, Odesa.

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