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Lina Sokolovska

Artist from Ukraine

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About the artist Lina Sokolovska

My motto in life is to give joy, smile more, move on, remain positive. My paintings are filled with colors and positive images, because through them I like to give people warmth and love, which are often lacking in the everyday world. I am a teacher by education, for 10 years I was the owner of the business, had my own children's center, where the children were happy. Now I handed things over to another talented teacher and continued my search in painting. It seems to me that over the past years I have been preparing a resource and life experience, which I now pass on in my work. Now I am 38 years old, I am married, we have 3 wonderful children. My family is a source of inspiration that does not let it dry or freeze, but pushes me to move on. Give each other warmth, bright colors, love!

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2019, "Dolonki" kids club, Kyiv, Ukraine

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