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Lesya Papiy

Artist from Ukraine

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About the artist Lesya Papiy

Was born in Kiev. From childhood, I drew easily and enthusiastically, athletics and ballet circles didn’t go, but I was friends with felt-tip pens, paints, here I was in my element. Having tried to enter an art school, I entered, this small step determined all my further receipts. Children's Art School No. 3 graduated with honors. She was very scrupulous about the tasks of summer practice, she painted from nature, in the open air, everything was on the list.)) And then it became interesting to me whether I would do it, and I tried my hand at entering the KHPT - and entered the new Decorative and Applied Department, mural painting (and there were also ceramics, weaving, embroidery, etc.). We were the first graduate of the new arts and crafts department, which expanded the boundaries of the technical school and was subsequently given the status of an institute them. M. Boychuk, no longer the Academy. She studied in the workshops of Yudenok I.S., Anatoly Tverdoy. 2000 -2005 - University (NTUU (KPI)) Publishing and Printing Department, Department of Graphics. Diploma with honors. Encaustic techniques, mosaics, watercolors, glass painting, etching were carried away. Most of all I love painting, I love color.

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Exhibitions of Lesya Papiy

2005 - All-Ukrainian exhibition dedicated to the Independence Day I am planning an exhibition activity.

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Education of Lesya Papiy

At first there was a four-year children's art school in Kiev No. 3, she graduated with honors. 1989 - 1994 - technical school (KHPT), department of Decorative and Applied Art, specialty "Monumental painting". 2000 -2005 - University (NTUU (KPI)) Publishing and Printing Department, Department of Graphics. Graduated with honors.

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