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Leonid Gryshchenko

Artist from Ukraine

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 January 6th, 2021

About the artist Leonid Gryshchenko

Tatiana Gryshchenko Ukrainian contemporary artist. Born on 08.11.1986 in the city of Mariupol, Ukraine. Tatiana successfully graduated from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts in 2009. She studied icon painting in Moscow, Russia. Tatiana began her professional career as a graphic designer, while at the same time continued to paint, forming and constantly improving her artistic language. She took part in social-thematic group exhibitions many times. Now Tatiana lives and works in the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine. Tatiana’s artistic language was formed under a strong influence of her tendency to systematize, the desire to find interconnection in everything, and the conviction that, of course, it is always present. Past events have a direct impact on our future, and a chance encounter is hardly an accident. An invisible thread runs through everything in the world, which manifests itself in our consciousness only with time. These reflections contributed to the birth of Tatiana’s philosophy to search the images and became the fundamental concept - everything in the world is connected by lines. Tatiana’s works are constructed in the language of simple geometric shapes. Exactly this simplification makes it possible to understand more complex forms and, cutting off the unnecessary, link them into a single composition, focusing on the essence. Her art touches upon various social topics, but in many aspects it is philosophical. This is a kind of non-judgmental statement of realities and an inducement to reflection, a multilateral analysis of what is happening. The artist focuses on the history of femininity, its nature. Of particular interest is the observation of modern girls, the transformation of their views and thinking, ways of self-expression, and adaptation in the social and cultural conditions of our days. A single idea passes through all artworks - a person's cognition of oneself, self-awareness, and self-determination in the modern world, reflecting on the influence of dynamically changing realities on each of us. The key issues are expressed by the questions “How does a person feel in such a dynamic environment?”, “How to value and not lose your individuality in a stormy information flow, constant change of trends and currents?”, “How to recognize and stay in harmony with your true desires in limiting us social, cultural, moral framework? ”. Through her work, the artist seeks to induce the viewer to think through simple images and draw the focus of attention deep into themselves.

Exhibitions of Leonid Gryshchenko

Exhibition activities (Group Exhibitions) 2020 Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, December 2020 Show 2020 Golden Time Talent, season 17 2009 International Design Festival «COW», Dnipropetrovsk 2009 Contest «Design Against Fur», Kharkiv - poster, animation 2009 VII International Ecofest of Graphical Design «4’s Block», Kharkiv 2009 ІІІ International poster and animation exhibition «Anti-AIDS-Ukraine», Kharkiv 2008 Poster exhibition «Orphanhood is despair, the family is hope and life», Kharkiv (AVEK) 2007 The first festival «Гогольfest», poster exhibition, Kyiv, Ukraine

Education of Leonid Gryshchenko

2003 - 2009 KSADA (Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts). Specialist. Specialty «Graphical design, lecturer». 1994 - 2003 Children’s art School after Kuindzhu, c. Mariupol. Specialty «Fine Arts».

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