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Lela Karamanishvili

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From a very early age, I showed an inclination for drawing. Nature was my only teacher so I was lucky to be born and live in one of the most beautiful corners of the planet. It incredibly harmoniously merged together the beauty of the landscapes of the sea and mountains, so changing every moment of the time of day and year. My favorite place to visit was the botanical garden. Surrounded by a riot of greenery and colors of exotic plants, I seemed to be immersed in a fairy tale, and then, with the help of pencils and paints, I tried to create my own wonderland. Having matured, I spent a lot of time reading books on the visual arts and the work of artists. I have no formal training in the academic sense, I never stopped drawing, finding in this satisfaction, comfort, pleasure. The brushes seem to control the hand themselves and in an amazing way express my thoughts, emotions, mood in the drawing. Creativity has become vital for me.

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2021 My paintings of flowers were presented at an exhibition with other women artists, which was organized on Mother's Day and International Women's Day, on the topic of flowers. After that, I had my exhibition during the summer.


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