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Larysa Denysova

Artist from Ukraine

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 January 18th, 2018

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About the artist Larysa Denysova

Larysa Denysova grew up in Ukraine in the era of USSR. She was educated as an engineer in Systems Engineering but always wanted to be an artist. In Soviet times, the artist was considered to be an exclusively male profession. That was the reason why studying painting in and art school or especially in the University was out of the question in the family. Learning to draw portraits of friends and acquaintances with a pencil was not difficult. However, such techniques like painting in oil or acryl Larysa got to learn just many years later, after being worked as an IT-Engineer, then as the accountant and then one of the founder and mangers of local art club/restaurant. Once her children left to study to Australia and New Zealand the opportunity to practice painting arose. First lessons were with a private teacher in the local town and then she went to study to Cyprus at Nicholas Costa s in the Kimonos Art Center in Cyprus and Cyprus College of Art. Having lived most of her life in shambles where postwar misery and starvation still echoed around, Larysa would like to see the art which shows the creations of civilization along with a beautiful nature where they don`t conflict, existing in harmony with each other soon...

Exhibitions of Larysa Denysova

2016 Gallery "Globe" - "Christmas Exhibition" 2017 - personal exhibition in the Gallery "Globe"

Education of Larysa Denysova

2016 - Cyprus, in the studio of Nicolas Costa, in the studio of the Kimono Arts Center and in the Cyprus Art College. In 2017 studied painting in Australia, studio Wayne Strickland.

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