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Ksenia Tsyganyuk

Artist from Ukraine

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About the artist Ksenia Tsyganyuk

I am a contemporary artist based in Rivne, Ukraine. I started my career as an artist in 2015 after moving from Russia to Ukraine. Although I have been drawing since early childhood. As a person who grew up in a small settlement in the forest, I always feel a strong connection to nature. In opening up the world of painting, I became a guide of images and ideas with which the world is generously sharing. When I'm outdoors, I keep my moments and emotions in my mind, watching nature. So I can transfer them to the canvas when I get back to the studio. Through my paintings I try not only to show the audience the emotions of the moment, but also to remind that the place in which we live is a unique gift, so we must appreciate and protect nature.

Exhibitions of Ksenia Tsyganyuk

2021 - Euroart Gallery, “Gifts of the sun” exhibition, Rivne, Ukraine 2020 - Palace of Children and Youth, charity exhibition, Rivne, Ukraine 2020 - The Virtual Art Fair, exhibition, online 2018 - Cafe Anna, personal exhibition "Streams", Rivne, Ukraine

Education of Ksenia Tsyganyuk

Ksenia Tsyganyuk graduated from the St. Petersburg University of the Humanities and Social Sciences in 2008, specializing in public relations. During her studies, she attended the archeology and art history club. In 2015, Ksenia moved to Rivne, Ukraine and began to study acrylic painting on her own. She completed the "Create Paintings You Love With" course from Mike Svob in 2019.

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