Artist Nataliy Klimenko

Nataliy Klimenko

Artist from Ukraine

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at Jose Art Gallery since
 June 7th, 2020

About the artist Nataliy Klimenko

I, Natalia Klimenko, artist amator from Zaporozhye. I realize my childhood dream - to master painting. I started painting at 36 years old, mostly with acrylic. I visit an art studio and study myself. In addition to paintings, she was engaged in spot painting of ceramics, New Year's balls and decor items. I painted 15 paintings from 2017 to 2020. This is my hobby. I work as an accountant, married, have 2 children.Mastering graphics, portrait. Participated in exhibitions in Zaporozhye. Recently, I have been writing female images with acrylic. The main goal of creativity is to show yourself, relatives and all other people that it is never too late to learn something new, develop your potential and make the world more beautiful.

Exhibitions of Nataliy Klimenko

She took part in three exhibitions of the studio in which I am engaged.

Education of Nataliy Klimenko

I am not a professional artist. Since 2017, I am engaged in an art studio, as well as on my own.

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