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Khaled Morad Born in Alexandria - Egypt khaled studied arts and art of the scene at the fine arts Academy in Egypt , Newyork and in other countries khaled was rewarded with the first prize in many art competitions khaled’s work is strongly influenced by his Egyptian origins. The power of the Egyptian african art and culture with its wonderful religious mythology, amazing figurative writing and astonishing architecture, together with the allure of the other great ancient culture which developed in africa are constantly evocated in his works. khaled's work is absolutely contemporary both for its techniques and concept. He uses natural supports and materials as handmade paper ,

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Oeuvres de Khaled morad With an ability to combine the suggestions and colours of Eastern art with the most advanced compositional and expressive techniques of the Western avant – gardes, khaled manages to convey great lightness and pleasure to the senses and to the mind through his masterly use of colours, spaces and materials. more fairytale and suspended pictures where the images seems to be referring back to a remote elsewhere, almost lost in depths that appear more existential than autobiographical. khaled’s material, this material that is so present, so emphasised, loved precisely for its values that are tactile, precious, this material reveals a connection both with a culture of decoration of a specifically Eastern type,

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