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Kelsey Weirick

Artist from United States

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 September 17th, 2019

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About the artist Kelsey Weirick

My name is Kelsey Weirick. As an artist who does not talk much, I work hard to bridge that communication through my paintings. I create paintings to speak and connect emotionally with myself and others through paintings that beguile viewers by being amusing to look at. My painting process usually begins with a color scheme, and the content develops from there. With my recent works, I’ve been challenging myself in ways of achieving texture. I feel that texture can speak as loudly as composition when creating an interesting image. With my ship paintings, I feel that they pull through the idea of mental health well and exhibits the feeling of the unsteadiness that I often feel.

Exhibitions of Kelsey Weirick

Aspiring to achieve my first exhibition!

Education of Kelsey Weirick

Education through exploration, also an Illustration student at RMCAD

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