Artist Julya Dyachenko

Julya Dyachenko

Artist from Russia

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 July 15th, 2021

About the artist Julya Dyachenko

Julia Dyachenko is Contemporary Abstract Artist, based in Moscow, Russia. Eurasian Art Union member since 2021. Julia Dyachenko comes fr om one of the harshest regions of Russia — Siberia wh ere cold, snow and savage scenery create special living conditions. It was the beauty of local landscapes that has impressed her since her childhood and has inspired to express her feelings through painting. Julia wanted to more fully express her experience through the visualization of unspoken sensations. The result was a series of artworks in the abstract impressionism genre. Her artworks constantly participate in international exhibitions and competitions.

Exhibitions of Julya Dyachenko

Selected exhibitions and contests: 06.2021 International Contest&Award "Vanguard Today" (1, 2 and 3 awards in «Abstract Art» nomination), Moscow Russia 06.2021 Saint Petersburg Art Week (1 and 2 awards in «Abstract Art» nomination) 06.2021 Camelback Gallery "Shades of Purple" (Silver Award), online 05.2021 Skolkovo Plaza Art Show, Moscow Russia 04.2021 International Contest of Portraiture "ArtPortrait" (1 award in "Woman Portrait» nomination), Moscow Russia 04.2021 International Pastel Contest "Pastelium" (3 award in "Portrait" nomination), Moscow Russia

Education of Julya Dyachenko

Education: 2021 Studio of Konstantin Inal-Ipa (the member of the UNESCO artist’s association) 2021 British Higher School of Art and Design, the "Theory and Practice of Contemporary Art" course 2016 Studio of Igor Tikhonov (the member of the artist’s association of Russia) 2003 Moscow State University (degree in Philosophy) 2000 Novosibirsk State University (degree in Management)

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