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About the artist Jack Clifford

Jack Clifford is a contemporary portrait artist originally fr om Boston, Massachusetts. Clifford studied and majored in Studio Art at Colgate University. He graduated in the Spring of 2017 with a focus in oil painting. He is now based in New York City, wh ere he is continuing his passion for painting. His pieces highlight established figures in pop culture through vibrant, yet contrasting colors and a hyper-realistic lens. Clifford’s oil on canvas portraits provide a conceptual social commentary, with refined technical skill. His preferred subject matter revolves around different facets of music, movies, sports and television, as well as celebrities that play pivotal roles in varying advertisements. His work focuses on the relationships between notable individuals and the public and how they spur a provocative, yet relatable experience for the viewer.

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Colgate University Campus Exhibition: Hamilton, NY | 9/2016 - 5/2017 Saratoga Arts Exhibition: Saratoga Springs, NY | 2/2017 - 5/2017 Renjeau Gallery: Boston, MA | 10/2018 - 11/2019 Decor Art Gallery: New York, NY | 11/2019 - 1/2020


Colgate University: Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art | 2013-2017

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