Artist Ivan Zelenkov

Ivan Zelenkov

Artist from Russia

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 June 20th, 2019

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About the artist Ivan Zelenkov

My name is Ivan Zelenkov and I am a photographer. As a child, I adored science fiction and fantasy and dreamed of finding myself in these worlds, visiting the future, imagining what people look like and what they are wearing. In my photos, I embody this dream in life and create my own worlds in which I want to live.

Exhibitions of Ivan Zelenkov

Mostly right now published in glossy magazines such as Feroce Magazine, Scorpio Jin magazine, Intelagence magazine. Over the past year, he received 3 publications in Intelagence magazine, 2 publications in Feroce Magazine and 1 publication in Scorpio Jin magazine. All journals are distributed worldwide, but editorial offices are located in the United States.

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