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Hi, my name is Shcherbatyuk Iryna, I'm 30 years old, 29 years of my life time I have being painting. Self-perception as an artist came to me early in my childhood, as I was depicting my ideas in books I was reading and watching photos of art works in the encyclopedia of world art. Then I asked my parents apply me to the art school. But during the entry exam I realized that I didn't have an idea or desire to draw a cartoon princess or a jug. So I failed the exam and was educated by an artist privately. Mostly I perceived painting as a tool to express my ideas. I was designing women clothes and styling fashion shoots. Over some time I finally realised the self-sufficiency of painting as an unique language of ideas which lie on different, not ordinary reality. My paintings serve as portals to that reality, the reality with things demanding no words or descriptions.

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2019, "Fata-Morgana", personal apartment, Kyiv

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