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About me. For me, art is a huge part of my life. The beauty of nature is mesmerizing and inspiring. I am an architect, and art, painting have always been interesting to me. While working, it’s as if I’m plunged into a trance: the sense of time is lost, a feeling of hunger arises. This can take hours. At some point, the painting is sold and begins to take on a life of its own. She dictates the style, colors. It’s not I who decide, but she tells me what to do and how. I start each job with a little fear: you never know where it will take me and what will happen in the end. Sometimes I finish work in a day. Sometimes I can return to it in half a year. Each work has its own energy. I know that a lot is conveyed through paintings, so I never paint when I'm in a bad mood. Because I know: all this will be imprinted on the picture. I started mine art education at an art school. After - training at the Odessa Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, drawing and painting were compulsory subjects in four courses. There was a long break, I returned to painting after a very difficult stage in my life, a serious illness. Now I understand that there is nothing more important than “here and now”. It makes no sense to postpone plans, dreams for later. This may not be the case later. I love impressionism. I admire the masters of sculpture. Abstraction for me is like a universe: it's so amazing that in one picture each person can see something of their own. With the invention of the camera, fine art ceased to be that which captures reality. It is thought-provoking, shocking, stunning, sometimes frightening. Contemporary art is multifaceted and this is interesting for me.

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The works were presented in the online exhibition "Viral Art", Odessa, 2020; online exhibition Luxembourg art prize, 2021


Energodar art school, master of Petrikov painting. Odessa Academy of Construction and Architecture. Master’s degree in Architecture.

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