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irma engelbrecht

Artist from South Africa

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 October 31st, 2019

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About the artist irma engelbrecht

South African artist, residing in the coastal town of Simonstown. from childhood on feeling the desire to paint, creating art. spending a big part of youth and adult life in Europe. after returning to South Africa, fully concentrating on painting art. (1994) although the influence of fantastic realism and surrealism is great in Vienna, Irma found artworks by Picasso, Kandinsky and the impressionists more enticing. also the works by Pollock are admired. often playing with the idea to adventure into different "art-styles", yet often finding the way home to the abstract, the abstract expressionism, some impressionistic direction. loving the palette knife, some brushes and to specifically cut plastic lids. textured paintings are especially one of the favorites created. an empty canvas is always a challenge, a new adventure that one "walks" together...with the idea, the spontaneity the discipline of the stroke at times, the free flow, the final outcome; to release, to let go, to hand it over to one that loves it, that appreciates and accepts the gift of individual,limitless interpretation.

Exhibitions of irma engelbrecht

first exhibitions in the early 1980s at privately booked venues at restaurants in vienna. private showing 1986 Lincoln, Nebraska. permanent mini gallery at art and craft center in cape town. since the year 2000 supplying established gallery "fineartportfolio",waterfront cape town, with the "african line" of smaller artworks. ongoing private showing of artworks from artist's workshop. 2019 taking part at competition, run by "artcall" having a jury chosen work accepted.

Education of irma engelbrecht

schooling in vienna, business degree and artclasses.

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