Artist Irina Telius

Irina Telius

Artist from Ukraine

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 December 4th, 2018

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About the artist Irina Telius

Irina Telius began to paint after forty years. At first it was like a hobby, which later turned into a favorite job. Irina paints pictures in different directions: landscapes, still lifes, portraits. Writing styles - impressionism, naturalism, primitive art. Participant of national and international exhibitions.

Exhibitions of Irina Telius

1. 10 All-Ukrainian 1 International exhibition "Graphics in Kharkov" - diploma "For outstanding achievements in the territory of graphic arts"; 2. All-Ukrainian exhibition "Artists of Kiev - hometown" 3. All-Ukrainian exhibition On the Independence Day of UkraineParticipation in city exhibitions

Education of Irina Telius

There is no classical art education. She studied at master classes of Ukrainian and European artists.

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