Artist Iryna Romanyshyn

Iryna Romanyshyn

Artist from Ukraine

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 June 26th, 2022

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About the artist Iryna Romanyshyn

"Porta itineri longissima" - The hardest thing is to take the first step. My life credo is "Potius sero quam nunquam" - better late than never! That's why I decided to realize my creative potential no matter what! Yes, I am an aspiring watercolorist ...

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Exhibitions of Iryna Romanyshyn

1. Participant of the All-Ukrainian exhibition "Rizdvyana" 2021-2022 Kharkiv, House of Artists, st. Darwin 11 Two works are presented: ●"Quince is ripe", 2020; ● "Mask of the shaman" 2021; Works are presented in the catalog. 2. Participant of the All-Ukrainian exhibition "Charіvna ta nizhna" 2022. ● "Pomegranate happiness", 2022;

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Education of Iryna Romanyshyn

1. KhNAGH, faculty "Economics of Entrepreneurship", specialty "Accounting and Audit", 2009; 2. Courses from the "Institute of Fashion and Design", specialty "Interior Designer", 2017; 3. Courses of academic drawing and watercolor painting in a professional art studio (@artstudio61) of HUDPROM artists (from 2019 to this day.)

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