Artist Hanna Pasiechnykova

Hanna Pasiechnykova

Artist from Ukraine

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 December 4th, 2020

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About the artist Hanna Pasiechnykova

Since childhood, I have been fond of drawing and modeling. In my work I always strive for realism, "similarity". I want to draw eyes that would look, and leaves on trees, which are sure to sway in the wind. In the paintings, I always wanted to look from the other side at the people and objects depicted there: "What is there, behind this sprawling tree? Does this lady in a magnificent dress also have beaded patterns on her back?" I wanted to see from all sides, touch and twist in my hands. And it is the work with an art doll that gives me that very feeling of space. An art doll is not a toy or a sculpture. She is a feeling, an image born from the inspiration of the author. She looks into your soul with her non-puppet look, fascinates with mysterious beauty. She is a "portal" to the bright world of dreams and fantasies!

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Exhibitions of Hanna Pasiechnykova

Unfortunately, there are no personal exhibitions yet. She exhibited her works as one of the exhibitors.

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