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Halyna Mur

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 June 13th, 2021

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About the artist Halyna Mur

My name is Halyna Mur. I am a Ukrainian artist. My paintings are reflections of me, of my world perceived through the archetype of a Woman in her glorious being. Visions of the enchanting and mythological girls, mysterious and fabulous goddesses, amazing mothers lulling a baby in a cradle are revealed on my canvases. The image of a beautiful virgin capable of falling in love, at first sight, will forever remain a mystery to a person, which cannot be touched, which arouses interest and love for mystical creatures. I feel to perform a little magic when I bring my past experiences to my paintings. My stories are about feminine sensations and the beautiful nakedness of the female body. I embrace femininity through character traits, favorite books from childhood, wonderful dreams so sweet that you don't want to get out of bed, the mystery of motherhood, feelings, and thirst for love ... It was after the birth of my son that I gained the courage and understanding of who I am, what kind of pictures my soul wants to create ...

Exhibitions of Halyna Mur

-12 October 2012 - 64th regional exhibition «Fine and decorative art» (Ukraine); -December 2012 - «Christmas miracle» (Ukraine); -July 2013 - «T.G. Shevchenko in folk art» (Ukraine); -2014-2016 – City art exhibitions «HobbyFEST» (Ukraine); -23 March 2016 – online competition «7 sins» (Russia). -9 February 2018 « Vernisazh». Select «Animals and people» (Russia). -21.05.2021-31.05.2021 (Milan, Italy) PHÌLO-POÈM exhibition in M.A.D.S. ART Gallery. Prize-winning places: 23.01.2021-11.02.2021 (Ukraine) The painting "Girl with the Horse" is the winner. in III All-Ukrainian art competition. "On the wings of a dream." Took 1st place! 05.02.2021-25.03.2021 (United Kingdom) "Golden Time" art competition.  Season 20  "Girl with the Horse" is the winner. in competition. Took 1st place!" Motherhood"& "Madonna and Child" is the winner. in competition. Took 2nd place! "Ecstasy " is the winner. in competition. Took 1st place! 21.05.2021-31.05.2021 (Milan, Italy) PHÌLO-POÈM exhibition in M.A.D.S. ART Gallery. 14.06-14.10.2021 Online Exhibition ' River of Dreams' by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine. 2.07-11.07.2021 (U.S.A. New York City) Exhibition "Finding Water" in Van Der Plas Gallery.

Education of Halyna Mur

- Art school. M.B. Grekov - 2005-2010 (Odessa) - Decorated with granite stone - 2011-2012

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